Growing Turkey’s Technology Base Erciyes Teknopark

Turkey offers a great opportunity with its young population in terms of technological development and production. The Turkish economy which has made a very big progress in a short time will continue to grow with increasing momentum thanks to the contribution of the significant support that the state provides for private enterprises. Our state, taking part in the Research and Development (R&D) processes with its broad range of different support programs including technological entrepreneurs and conventional manufacturers contributes significantly to this process. Undoubtedly, Turkey will turn into a technology producing society and use this technology consciously in every level of the society when it comes to the year of 2023.

Erciyes Teknopark is a Technology Development Zone which was founded in 2005, went into action in 2007 depending on the Technology Development Zone Law.Erciyes Teknopark A.Ş. as the responsible legal entity for the management of the zone, gives services with a cooperation of Erciyes University, Abdullah Gül University, Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri Organized Industrial Site, Kayseri Chamber of Industry and Kayseri Chamber of Commerce.

Erciyes Teknopark embodies and hosts over 230 enterprises and incubation firms as of today. Financial turnover based upon R&D activities of the regional firms has reached to 700 Million TL. Erciyes Teknopark as the managing company of Technology Development  Zone works in order to  provide quality service to the companies included  within itself on 30.500m2 closed area. Today, more than 300 R&D projects are actively carried out in Erciyes Teknopark where products with high added value and export potential are developed. A significant pre-incubation program called Sera is also carried out in Erciyes Teknopark for training of entrepreneurs and their transformation into successful operations in Kayseri which has a historical entrepreneurism culture.

Erciyes Teknopark has entitled to become one of the first 20 TTOs to be supported by TUBİTAK in Turkey and  established the largest Technology Transfer Office of the region. Project supporting and guidance activities,   university-industry  cooperation activities, incubation     services, patenting, patent research and technology   marketing services are presented in Erciyes Technology Transfer Office (ETTO).


About Erciyes Teknopark

Erciyes Teknopark was announced in the official gazette dated 30 April 2004 as Technology Development Area having 252.000 m2 space.

Transportation can be done with  tramway. It is in a location that provides close relation with public and increases cooperation in the research area due to its closeness to state institutions and organizations along with the convenience in transportation, communication and all infrastructure opportunities, as well as being close to city center, universities and industrial enterprises.

Erciyes Teknopark A.Ş. which has been established within the scope of Technology Development Zone Law numbered 4691 and 6170. Erciyes Teknopark A.Ş. was founded in 2005 and it was put into operation in April, 2007. It is the legal entity which has the first degree liability to actualize the vision and objectives of Erciyes Teknopark. Erciyes Teknopark has TSE ISO 9001 quality management certificate for all the services it offers.

Erciyes Teknopark hosts more than 230 R&D firms within its structure as of 2015 with its 30.500 m2 well-equipped office areas.The firms of Erciyes Teknopark, which are operating in various fields such as high technology softwares, robotic systems, defense industry products and medical instruments, have more than 1.100 qualified personnel within their bodies and studies on approximately 388 R&D projects are still continuing.The region reached 1.244 R&D projects and exceeding 700 Million TL R&D turnover since it was established.

Insfrastructure Opportunities Provided by Erciyes Teknopark

•Qualified office areas and infrastructure services

•Erciyes Technology Transfer Office (ETTO) services

•TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), KOSGEB        

 (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) supports, units that will access to national and international fund and grant programs such as EU programs (Horizon 2020etc.), European Investment Bank, World Bank resources and training services regarding these issues

•All kind of communication and internet services, especially metro ethernet via fiber obtic cables

•Trainings and seminars determined according to the needs of the enterprises

•Digital satellite service

•Closed circuit camera and card pass system, security services, license plate recognition system and fire early warning systems

•Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair Services

•Conference, Congress, Exhibition Opportunities and fully-equipped meeting rooms (projection, video/teleconference opportunities)

•Social areas (play rooms)

•Heating, air-conditioning and climatization systems in the offices

•Food and cafeteria services

•Uninterruptible power systems with generators

•Interphone system

•Coin box, video telephone systems

•Free of charge parking service


How can I take part in Erciyes Teknopark?

You need to be conducting at least one R&D project in order to take part in the technopark as required by the legislations. The process of taking part in the technopark is stated on the left.

How can I take part?

•Hiring one of the varisized offices which are prepared taking the different intended purposes of the firms into consideration and present flexible solutions,

•Constructing your own building by hiring a land,

•Co-investing with the technopark by hiring a land/ constructing an additional building along with your own building by hiring it for a certain period of time.

Detailed Information: teknopark@erciyes.edu.tr