Millenium Marketing

The Functions and Specifications of the Product

It is a software which has been developed in order to generate customised solutions for the retail sector. It can be used in any number of branches from one to an infinite amount. It ensures that the organisation can control and easily manage all work processes. The programme operates in fully integrated fashion, with the online terminal application, B2B and B2C modules also being able to be added as an option.

The Advantages of the Product
-    Everywhere where the internet is present is now your office (There is no need for any configuration in the client
    computers where the web based programme is to be operated. It operates with Java support).
-    In contrast to other programmes, businesses are able to perform transfers to the new year and new year opening proce
   dures themselves, in a practical manner.
-    Works on Oracle, which is the strongest database in the world.
-    Multiple language support is present.
-    It performs the manufacturing and qualification process automatically.
-    Electronic invoicing support is present.
-    You can design your own reports with the flexreport report wizard.
-    Users are able to design all printed material (invoices, delivery notes, cheques, barcodes) with the drag and drop logic.
-    The programme prepares automatic orders based on the entered criteria, and reports the excessive products in storage,
    preparing them for return.
-    It is very easy to manage campaign prices and customised prices for stores, barcodes and clients.
-    The sales reports you require can be mailed to the addresses you wish.
-    Valuable documents can be stored in the electronic environment, and accessed and reported when required.


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