Interactive Platform Application

The Functions and Specifications of the Product

The product carries the aim of drawing attention in locations where there is a high traffic of people, such s presentation and visitor centres and shopping centres, and to display the products (if any) interactively.

The Advantages of the Product
-    The product was applied at the “Sultan Sazlığı” visitor presentation centre and drew great attention. The images and
    different animations from here were applied to the platform.

-    The attention of the visitors who came to the centre was drawn while they were in the areas where animations were taking
    place, through both sound effects and the platform application. It ensured that they felt themselves to be inside the field.
-    The product is comprised of a high light capacity projection device + highly sensitive motion detectors + interactive
    software group.

-    Its stand out features are the displaying of new products in all sectors using moving images, the promotion of companies
    in areas which receive large amounts of visitors, and the interest it receives in particular from children. It can be used both
    domestically and overseas, and it is possible to be applied in many sectors due to its flexible structure.


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