Storage Area Management System (SAMS)

The Functions and Specifications of the Product

SAMS is a management automation which has been developed for the purposes of being a solution to the current problems experienced by small and medium sized companies in respect of storage area management. Some of its features are as follows:
-    Purchase orders, purchase returns
-    Sales orders, sales returns
-    Warehouse transfer orders, wastage orders, usage orders
-    Production orders, distribution orders
-    Acceptance of multiple goods
-    Automatic transfers
-    Planned and unplanned purchases
-    Purchasing from material or order
-    The definition of roles / authorisations, users, terminals, vehicles and devices
-    Automatic configuration in mobile applications
-    Determining location at the point of purchase
-    Determining fifo number of days for goods in sales

The Advantages of the Product

-    Operation with more than one hand terminal at the same time
-    Operation with databases where logos are different
-    Understandable and authorisation based menu
-    User based theme
-    Adjustable screen image
-    Parametric flexible operation
-    Series / Lots tracking
-    Operation with wifi
-    Easy label design
-    Creation of report templates.


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