Andesis (Achievement Measurement & Evaluation System)

The Functions and Specifications of the Product

-    It is a measurement and evaluation system which displays a distinction for educational establishments and teachers, is  
    able to read and evaluate immediately and offer practical and customised solutions.
-    Evaluates all types of multiple choice examinations.
-    Does not require external consumables.
-    Has a multiple variety and user supporting reporting system.
-    Flexible and easy to use.

The Advantages of the Product
-    A product which is accessible to everyone both in terms of cost and ease of use.
-    Market research in Germany and Azerbaijan currently being carried out for exports.
-    There is one competitor company, but as it also operates in a different sector it is distant from developments.
-    Changes in the system can be monitored with Andesis at all times, and adaptation to these changes ensured
    in a short time.


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