The Functions and Specifications of the Product

Our company was established in 2010 and operates in the fields of human resources and consultancy services.
Our company carries on its human resources and employment services, having obtained a private employment office
certificate of activity from the Ministry of Employment an d Social Security Turkish Employment Authority Kayseri Directorate in 2013, through its website,, in affiliation with the same organisation. contains numerous innovations and stands out with its video interviews which makes things easier for both employers and employees, its job advertisements directed at white collar and blue collar employees, and its easiness of use which is preferred by hundreds of companies. The development and maintenance of the software is continuing at our R&D office within Erciyes Techno-Park. Among the 2014 targets of BCM Danışmanlık ( are being among the top three human resources companies operating in Turkey, and being an expanding business which continuously develops its services.


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