Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
The Functions and Specifications of the Product

Our LIMS software have been developed specifically for hospitals and Public Health Directorate central laboratories. It is an information management system where information processing processes are controlled more easily and more
efficiently, and where faster and more effective work flows are ensured.

It is completely web based and possesses an interface which requires no configuration, and is fast, practical, basic and user friendly. All of the modules of the LIMS system can be managed and used effectively from mobile telephones or
tablets, due to cloud technology.

The Advantages of the Product

-    Works completely on the web
-    Possesses the first horizontal approval screen in Turkey
-    Works noticeably extremely fast during all processes such as recording, reporting and approval processes in low level
    servers and areas where there are a large number of users (can present a database with 100.000.000 tests and a test     
    statistic covering 5-6 months in around 10 seconds)
-    Designed to use internet bandwidth at the lowest possible levels and provide services to a higher number of users
-    Logs all user processes such as result amendment, approval or revoking of approval
-    The usage period of each test can be entered in order to prevent the same test being required from the same patient
-    Test results are able to be observed on graphics specific to patients
-    Users are able to send messages to each other
-    Immediate messages can be sent to physicians with the SMS module
-    As many approval levels as desired can be created
-    As many approving users can be defined for each level as desired
-    Every approving user can be authorised per Group and per Test
-    The user may create an ICD favourite list specific to him / her, whenever he / she wants, for quick processing purposes
-    Doctors can be assigned to more than one unit
-    All stages - together with time details – such as the recording of samples, the acceptance of preliminary samples,
    laboratory acceptance, the loading of the sample on to the device, the obtaining of the result from the device,
    and the ap
    provals of the technician and expert can be seen together
-    Preliminary samples are accepted through 3G Hand Terminals
-    Two separate quotas will be implemented for each doctor – as those which can and cannot be exceeded.


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