National Ticket Distribution Systems (BİLETALL)

The Functions and Specifications of the Product

85% of transport in Turkey is by road, and close to 40% of passengers are carried by intercity coaches. In this project, after intercity coach companies have become able to sell online tickets and perform their own accounting processes, an infrastructure and systems whereby these tickets can be sold through portals and mobile systems has been created. As it is the first in the sector, the standards of the sector have been determined through this project.
As a result of the project biletall.com and numerous other online ticket sales systems and mobile applications have been created by our company. Airline tickets have also been included in the system.

The Advantages of the Product
Due to the infrastructure which has been created numerous different environments have been integrated into the ticket sales system.
-    Ticket automation system for carrier companies
-    Web based ticket sales software for agencies and final users
-    The integration of airline tickets
-    Iphone and Android based ticket sales application
-    Kiosk ticket sales applications
-    The provision of a web service for 3rd party applications

    Currently the product serves organisations (Ministry of Transport, Transport Portal), numerous private companies (hun
    dreds of coach companies, Jolly Tur, Obilet, otogar.com.tr), and hundreds of authorities and organisations and thou
    sands of clients through numerous international channels (seferler.yandex.com.tr).

    The system which has been developed is new, and currently the only one in its field in Turkey.


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