Inosis Pharmacy Storage Automation and Pharmaceutical Tracking System
The Functions and Specifications of the Product

The product is a software application. Fundamentally, while it tracks all of the activities of pharmacy storage units it also performs the notifications of the Pharmaceutical Tracking System (PTS) to the ministry of Health, as a result of the legal obligations brought to the pharmaceutical sector.

The product also possesses the function of being able to perform PTS notifications in all authorities and private organisations which have the obligation of providing PTS notifications, to the Ministry of Health.

The Advantages of the Product
-    Ability to be used in all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector
-    Ability to solve all problems within the sector with a single software (b2b, b2c, bookkeeping, official accounting,
    pdks, salaries, its, pts, pharmacy invoice transfers, online invoices, online books, etc.)
-    The automatic updating of all pharmaceutical, price, organisation discount and stakeholder information
-    The organisation of campaigns
-    Excel integration
-    Ability to work with 32/64 byte operating systems
-    Data matrix processes
-    100% domestic production
-    1% VAT exemption
-    In the top 3 within the sector.


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