Generate Your Own Energy Yourself
The Functions and Specifications of the Product

-    Hydrogen Generator for high levels of purity (2 litres / minute)
-    Production of 99,99% pure hydrogen
-    Production of hydrogen at 2,0 lt / minute
-    Production of hydrogen at up to 15 bars of pressure
-    Adaptable pressure exit and fully automatic use
-    Completely domestic production, including design, engineering, production and automation
-    High efficiency, 5% stak efficiency and zero “0” emissions
-    Production using latest technology PEM (proton permeable membrane) method
-    User friendly with touch screen LCD monitor control

The Advantages of the Product
-    Environmentally friendly fuel production
-    The generation of energy which possesses high global energy density
-    100% domestic production
-    Usage areas
-    Energy Sector – Hydrogen Energy
-    Energy Sector – Turbine Cooling
-    Meteorology – Weather forecast balloons
-    Metal industry – Heat treatment and tempering
-    Semi-conductor industry – the manufacture of semi-conductors
-    Food industry – Hydrogenised vegetable oil, etc.


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