Demand Management System (DMS)

The Functions and Specifications of the Product

DMS is a communications system directed at increasing the service quality of companies which produce gods and services, supported by new generation technologies which ensures quickness, effectiveness, controllability and the ability to report both the internal and external communications of the company in a Web environment.

DMS begins with the operation of the life cycle or with the secure, correct and fast collection of client requests via the internet, and ends following the forwarding of the requests to employees, the evaluation of these requests and their conclusion.

The rules of all of the communications within this process are able to be structured from the DMS Management panel.
DMS provides great advantages in the solution of problems by teams and individuals, strong communications and the achievement of a working shape which is able to be reported.
Capabilities such as the management of approval mechanisms, SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring, integration with mail systems and integration with the HR applications used by companies, ensure that DNS is an ‘effective’ communication channel.

DMS can be structured and managed according to the wishes of all departments in all organisations, such as for the coordination of teams such as Financial Affairs, Information Technology, Administrative Affairs, Legal, Production and Marketing, as well as employee – client interactions.

The Advantages of the Product

As the system has been developed completely within a parametric and manageable structure, it is able to be comfortably applied to small, medium sized and large companies. Users are able to manage and customise the system due to the management panel on the system.

The Demand Management System possesses an advanced mail and warning system. Due to this, it warns its user at every step where intervention or information is required with respect to the request. Due to the notifying mails the user’s need to continually check the Demand Management System or be tied to it is removed.

With the authorisation and functional approval system, before the requests to be placed reach their point of solution / intended addressees, they pass through a suitability control, and the organisations which are integrated in the system become safe from “accidents of communication”.


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