Wireless Remote Control and Pager Systems

The Functions and Specifications of the Product

The company which was established at Erciyes Techno-Park in 2007, provides services to the Turkish Armed Forces in the fields of the design and manufacturing of wireless devices, and wireless remote control and pager systems. The company, which has prepared numerous special projects together with many municipalities and military units, develops Security Systems which collects the camera images required for securing the surroundings by the Armed Forces, in one centre without the need for cables or energy, which again transmits emergency calls from the duty cabins around the Unit, without the need for cables, to headquarters, and detects unauthorised entries into regions where entry is forbidden and again collects these at a centre, without the need for any cables.
The objectives which the company has set for itself are reaching world standards in the production of wireless technologies and resolving the shortfalls in these technologies in our country, and is progressing towards these objectives with sure steps.

Product Choices

The Products offered by the company to its clients are as follows:

-    Wireless Pager Systems
-    Wireless Data Collection and Transmission Systems
-    Wireless Well – Storage Area Control Systems
-    Wireless Alarm Systems
-    Warning and Security Systems for Military Purposes
-    Wireless Waiter and Official Pager Systems
-    Wireless Remote Tracking Systems
-    Long distance wireless fire warning systems
-    Automation software and SCADA systems


Other Success Stories