Driver Inverter Production and Automation
The Function and Characteristics of the Product
The EKVATOR GLZR command panel is a complete elevator control system which can be used in both synchronous (gearless) devices and asynchronous (with gears) devices, with the VVVF Driver unit, command control card, emergency recovery system, pluggable installations with socket ready cables, serial communication line (Can_Bus) with wireless access possibility via the internet or telephone, and revision, cabin and card button areas.

The EKVATOR ROCK is a vvvf driver unit which can be used in both synchronous (gearless) and asynchronous (with gears) devices, which can adapt to all types of control cards, and communicate with the emergency recovery system and additional cards through the serial communication line (Can_Bus), with the possibility of wireless access over the internet or telephone.

Our products possess the EN1-1-A3 Conformity and EMC Test Certificates.
They are protected by the Turkish Patent Institute.

The Advantages of the Product
The existing drivers in Turkey are purchased from brands such as Schneider, Omron, LG, etc., from abroad, the recovery and control units built separately domestically, assembled into the elevator switch box by a fusion process and released on to the market.

While the control panels which have been built for the purposes of carrying people or cargo in these devices contain three separate parts, our product is a monobloc (single) product which has been specially designed for elevators, carrying the characteristics of a driver, control and recovery cards on a single card (the electronic control card ekvator glzr), at a much lower cost than the cost of the above stated three parts.

The advantages provided by a monobloc structure and domestic production:

-    Prevents overcrowding of switch materials and high costs;
-    As our product provides control from a single processor in this system where the safety of life is of primary importance,
    interventions (the short circuiting of security factors) are not permitted;
-    As in the current system assembling companies give priority to the operating of the system following the faults which
   appear, they ensure continued operation by cancelling many of the security cycles. This contains great risks.


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